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With his unique brand of edgy leadership, Dr. Todd Dewett is one of the most in-demand leadership keynote speakers in the world. As an internationally sought-after expert, Dr. Dewett has been quoted in TIME, the New York TimesBusinessweekForbes, CNN and many other outlets. With real-world experience as a consultant, author, award-winning professor, and radio personality, Dr. Dewett now writes and speaks full-time, motivating millions all over the world to perform at higher levels and lead with true authenticity. If your goal is to create high performing teams and careers that matter, you’ve found the right person. Join millions of others who have invited Dr. Dewett into their organizations and into their lives.

About Todd

Todd’s professional journey began with degrees from the University of Memphis and the University of Tennessee, followed by time with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and Ernst & Young. He then earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, a prestigious Post-Doctoral Fellowship, and eventually a position on the graduate faculty at Wright State University. After years in the classroom, early tenure, and many awards and publications, the entrepreneurial spirit took over. Today he is a speaker, author, coach, and the go-to leadership and life expert for millions of people around the world through LinkedIn Learning. As a speaker, Todd’s is highly unique: world-class expertise, a rugged authentic style, insightful humor, and an ability to use words to light a fire inside people. His clients are a who’s who of global companies. But hey, all of that was yesterday. Dr. Dewett is most excited about creating an amazing experience at your next event.



Dr. Todd Dewett is a truly unique voice focused on leadership and success and he’s ready to answer all of your questions. Let this successful author and best-selling educator address the issues that matter to you. Relationships? Conflict? Promotions? Career issues? Just Ask Dr. D. Join the millions who regularly follow Todd’s work, and enjoy personal responses tailored just for you. Sure, his clients include Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Pepsi, General Electric, State Farm, Boeing, Linkedin and hundreds more, but when you join Ask Dr. D., the client is you. Start improving today. Make better decisions. Improve your relationships. Change your life. Just Ask Dr. D.

Dr. Dewett's Blog

Dr. Dewett's Blog

Step into the mind of Dr. Dewett and enjoy his thoughts on achieving success, mastering leadership, and developing a life with legacy. Whether you’re a front line professional, new manager, seasoned executive, sales professional, or any other type of hard-working pro, this is the advice that moves you forward. Get your regular dose of super charged motivation from one of the world’s greatest motivators, Dr. Dewett. In every post you can expect a new insight, a call to action, a funny comment about life at work, or a reminder about what drives success. How much is that worth? Actually, it’s free.



Empower yourself with Dr. Dewett’s massive online library of professional and life skills courses. This is seriously useful content available 24/7 on any device. Through LinkedIn Learning, you can access over thirty educational and entertaining courses.

Todd is just captivating – fun and huge energy! His positive life-affirming messages are always a hit with our leadership team and staff. The way he uses stories is powerful and relatable – they are messages with lasting impact.

Americas Talent Team Associate Director

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Your relationship with a spouse or partner can be the best thing in the world, and the most challenging. Why not make it something great?

Latest Blog Posts

Latest Blog Posts

Leadership is about them, not you.  If you want to maximize their productivity, you have to value the team, not just drive the team.  That means seeing them in a more holistic sense – even in the face of their imperfections and mistakes.  It’s easy if you begin by realizing... Read more
Published on: 2020-07-29
(an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Live Hard) Self-improvement isn’t difficult to understand.  You just have to ask the right questions and seek answers honestly.  You must be genuinely open to feedback – a terribly useful and sometimes painful catalyst for change.  Feedback comes from many sources:  self-reflection, observation, task... Read more
Published on: 2020-07-22
Success is about being brave in the face of THE FEAR, and open to THE CHALLENGE, in order to realize THE DREAM. We all have THE DREAM.  It represents a desired future state.  Your hopes and aspirations, your glowing picture of what you wish to achieve.  We all dream, but,... Read more
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