Delight your brain with fast, fun, and sound advice from one of Dr. Dewett’s books. Order online at Amazon. For signed copies, order online and Todd will sign them at the event, or purchase directly from us ( and we’re happy to ship signed copies before the event.

The Little Black Book of Leadership

The popular guide to surviving as a new manager is now revised and updated with tons of new practical advice. Order now!


You’ve been promoted into a leadership role for the first time – congratulations! Here is your new reality: the skills that helped you earn the promotion are not the skills that will make you a successful manager. It’s time for new skill-building focused on understanding yourself and leading others successfully. THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF LEADERSHIP delivers fast practical advice designed to kick-start your new career, delivered by one of the most prolific voices in leadership education, Dr. Todd Dewett. Dr. Dewett is a former decorated management professor, global leader in online education, and renowned professional speaker. His insights have been noted everywhere from the New York Times to CNN and his work has been enjoyed by millions of professionals around the world.


Show Your Ink

A inspiring collection of twenty short stories that will push your authenticity to new levels. Honest, daring, motivating. Prepare to feel more focused and ready to demand more form your career and life.


The GuruBook

I’m excited to join a legendary group of business and leadership thinkers in The Guru Book.  It’s an inspiring collection of 45 articles and interviews with top thought leaders and entrepreneurs focused on aspects of leadership and success.  In my chapter, I have fun making the case for authenticity.  I’m honored to be included with such amazing minds as Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Edgar H. Schein, Henry Mintzberg, and Tom Peters.  Time to get inspired!



Creativity: A Reader For Writers

I’m thrilled to join so many famous thinkers, past and present, to explore the topic of creativity. Oxford University Press has released Creativity: A Reader for Writers, edited by Ryan G. Van Cleave. The book includes thirty-three short chapters including works by Isaac Asimov, Howard Gardner, Edward DeBono, Bill Watterson, and Scott Adams. I was asked to contribute four chapters – huge honor. This book is an invaluable introduction to the topic of creativity for any person – student or professional.


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