I am so happily busy that I sometimes realize I have neglected to post to the blog for a week or so (shame on me!) – until one of you tells me to make a post…  Thanks – here we go.

I love my clients!  The reason I’m so busy is because I’m directly working on client projects (i.e., prepping for or delivering speeches, developing or filming new courses, delivering seminars).  Thus, social media and the blog get neglected just a bit.

So, let’s name names.  Who are these people hogging all of my time and keeping me away from the internet? In the last few months, my wonderful clients include:  Texas A&M, ExxonMobil, CITGO, Meeting Planners International, the National Association of Elevator Contractors, LinkedIn, the Institute for Management Studies (IMS, https://www.ims-online.com), the Houston Food Bank, and the amazing private equity firm, Main Street Capital.

The group in the picture is from an IMS – Dallas event.  Great group – all managers and executives from firms such as Bell, Lockheed Martin, the Federal Reserve, and many more.  Huge fun.  The next few months look exciting too, including gigs at Boeing and MD Andersen – I LOVE THIS JOB!  Hope to see you and your team at one of your events soon. 😉



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