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Here is a new resource your team should definitely check out:  Geniecast:  Their motto:  Anyone.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  They have a curated library of world-class experts, including me, who are available via two-way video for organizations who wish to add a little magic to their meetings and events.  It’s a great way to make use of talent when you don’t have direct access.  For example, maybe I am in Miami but you need me in Dallas.  No problem.  I can still serve up a truly memorable live video keynote or breakout from the comfort of my Miami hotel room!  Or say your budget precludes a traditional keynote – try Geniecast.  For a much smaller fee I can still be live with your team using two-way real time video.  Cool resource.  They are in beta right now and I’m thrill to be on for the ride.  See you online.



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