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I posted this original quote today on LinkedIn:

Retention improvement idea: admit your downside as much as you sell your upside. #retentionstrategies #leadership

It’s surprising to me how much organizations avoid speaking candidly about their work realities.  Instead of telling it like it is, they share positive aspects of their culture while avoiding any of the more difficult truths.  Then, later, they wonder why they have retention issues.  What we need are more realistic job previews.  Look it up, if you’re into dorky scholarly literature, it’s a big area of study.  The punchline:  be more honest up front and your new employees won’t feel fooled later – and it helps retention!

When I was an MBA student, I was fortunate to land an internship with an interesting software company.  During my interview, the president kept it amazing real.  At one point he said, “Are you sure you want to work here?  The urinals stink and the floors are dirty.”  A brutal but accurate statement.  I loved that internship.  I talk a lot about authenticity in relationships, but there are many very specific situations where it is needed outside of normal colleague to colleague conversations, starting with more honest and realistic job previews.

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